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The Health Benefits of Hiking

We all know that fresh air and walking are good for our health. It is recommended that we all get at least 30 minutes exercise a day but in this busy world it is sometimes difficult to find the time to do this. After a long hard working week, people want to unwind and relax and that often means sitting around. Alternatively you can take yourself off on a vacation which will again means lots of relaxation time by the pool or on a beach, and very little exercise!

Try something different

Why not try a hiking and camping holiday? The health benefits of hiking are huge, and you get to discover new places. Moving around and having an activity holiday brings a new lease of life to many people. Hiking gives you the benefits of fresh air and exercise and a superb way of improving your cardio vascular health. It means that having a holiday doesn’t have to mean lots of sitting around and doing nothing, you can benefit from the best of both worlds.

There are many places where you can find the very best camping spots. In the US alone there are several hundred National Parks and hillside retreats to discover. The beauty about camping is that you can pitch up a tent anywhere – literally. Your home is the land and wherever you choose. So simply find a place you want to explore and set up your tent. Then the area is yours to see and get fit at the same time.

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The Great Outdoors

Camping has become one of the most popular outdoor sports and recreational activities in the world. More and more people are taking to the hills and fields and making the most of the scenery, fresh air and natural beauty of the great outdoors.

In a time where people are trying to get fit and healthy, the alternative to hitting a gym is right outside your door. It was often seen as an older persons recreational activity, but camping is absolutely fantastic for people of all ages. Families with kids benefit of spending quality time together and enjoying what nature can offer. Camping offers a chance to explore new surroundings, to see new things and to discover parts of life that go unnoticed in the day to day hum drum of the 9-5.

Hiking is a fantastic exercise that goes hand in hand with your camping experience. When you pitch your tent and find the right spot where you want to lay your head, you will want to go out and explore your surroundings. Hiking offers a fantastic cardio vascular workout so it keeps you fit and healthy as well as giving you fresh air and the chance to see new things. Exploring what nature has to offer is one of the best things you can do with your time.

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How to put up a tent

Many people get put off camping for the very reason that they can’t assemble a tent. Now each tent is different of course and this blog isn’t here to tell you how to assemble a tent, its telling you that you don’t need to worry!

Whatever tent you eventually decide on buying, you can rest assured that they come complete with very easy to follow instructions. Long gone are the days of images of families at camping parks spending hours putting up a tent. These days the modern day tents are almost self assembled for you. It can literally take just a few minutes to assemble a tent and be set up with your home for the night.

A home away from home

There are so many different tent sizes available to buy, from small one man tents to huge 10 person family tents. By following simple instructions and taking the necessary time, you won’t have any issues. Camping offers a fantastic way of seeing the great outdoors and the tent allows you to live in a mobile away wherever you want and when you want. It’s still very cheap to rent camping space in most places in the world and therefore the cost of living is relatively low. A tent offers a home away from home, or for some, a permanent home. They say it’s all about location, and with a tent you get to choose where you live.

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